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Residential Mulching


  • Mulch blower service (minimum of 7 yards)
  • With the combination of our trained landscape professionals and the patented “Supplemental Injection System” technology of the mulch blower, we are able to leave your landscape beds looking their best.
  • Mulch delivery (minimum of 3 yards)
    • We can deliver any of our products at a minimum of 3 yards to your home typically by the next business day.
  • DIY Pick-Up
    • We now offer on-site pick up of any of our products (Mulch, Aggregate & Boulders) with free loading to your truck or trailer. Seasonal Weekend Hours available – call for more information.

Mulch Products:

  • Dyed Products: 2X grind hardwood bark; infused with dye for long lasting color
  • colors available: Red, Brown & Black
  • Dark Supreme: 2X grind mostly aged hardwood bark color will lighten as it sits
  • Joe’s Triple Gold: 3X grind aged over 6months; comparable to the product “Black Gold”
    color will lighten as it sits
  • Playground Mulch: 2X shredded; ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certified
  • Processed Topsoil: Finely screened; stored in a dry environment

** Please see our “Shop Online” area to see examples of our products **