Landscaping Tips for the Month of April


  • Choose planting areas based on exposure to sun, shade, wind and distance from water source
  • Study garden for gaps that can be filled by spring flowering bulbs, and order in August for best selection
  • Choose flowering trees and shrubs for color and time of bloom to add to the garden in fall

Chores and Maintenance:

  • Continue to remove winter mulches and debris
  • Continue to dig beds in preparation for planting
  • Complete adding compost to planting bed soil
  • Place peony supports
  • Cultivate planting beds and carefully remove weeds
  • Remove mounded earth from roses
  • Prepare bare-root and potted roses for planting; soak overnight in fish emulsion
  • Continue to apply horticultural oil sprays to control insect pests on trees if temperature is over 40
  • Test lawn soil and apply lime if warranted


  • Continue to plant deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs, weather and soil conditions permitting
  • Sow seeds of hardy annuals in place in the garden
  • Sow seeds of peas, carrots and radishes
  • Start seed indoors for summer crops
  • Plant out seedlings of cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli if soil is workable
  • Plant out seedlings of cool-season annuals like pansies and snapdragons
  • Continue to plant and transplant perennials
  • Complete rose planting
  • Plant strawberries
  • Re-seed bare lawn areas


  • Complete removal of diseased, weak, or crossing branches
  • Complete rose pruning but wait until after flowering on climbers and ramblers
  • Prune late flowering shrubs such as buddleia and hydrangea
  • Prune early spring-flowering shrubs immediately after flowers die
  • Wait to prune evergreens, hedges and other shrubs until early summer
  • Fertilize fruit trees and roses
  • Fertilize perennials when you see 2-3? of new growth
  • Fertilize bulbs as they finish blooming
  • Complete lawn fertilization if not done in the fall


  • Continue to transplant houseplants which need repotting
  • Continue to inspect for pests and control as needed
  • Complete shaping leggy houseplants

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